Where To Watch Interspecies Reviewer?

Interspecies Reviewer is an anime that has caused quite a stir online. Some people love it, while others are put off by its graphic content. So, where can you watch Interspecies Reviewer?

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Hello and welcome to Interspecies Reviewer! My name is Stu and I’ll be your host. In this show, we will be reviewing all sorts of businesses and services that cater to the needs of intelligent life forms other than humankind.

We all know that there are plenty of other intelligent beings out there in the universe, but we don’t always take the time to consider their needs. Here at Interspecies Reviewer, we’re dedicated to changing that. We believe that every creature deserves to experience the best that life has to offer, and we’re here to help them find it.

So whether you’re looking for a good place to eat, a place to stay, or just some entertainment, be sure to check out Interspecies Reviewer. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Where to watch Interspecies Reviewer?

There are currently three ways to watch Interspecies Reviewer. The first is to buy the DVD, which includes all 12 episodes. The second is to purchase a digital copy from Amazon Video or iTunes. The third is to watch it for free with a Crunchyroll Premium account.

The plot

Interspecies Reviewer is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Amahara. The story follows the everyday life of Cum their business of providing reviews of various species for other species to read in order to help them make better choices in life.

The characters

The story centers on two main characters. The first is a lone human guy called Stunk, who goes to an alien bar in search of some relief from the existential malaise that has overcome him since the death of his girlfriend. The second is the cute alien girl named Zelda, who works as a waitress in the bar.

As the two become acquainted with each other, they quickly realize that they have a lot in common, despite being from different species. They bond over their shared love of pop culture and their mutual disdain for the pretensions of highbrow art. They also share a taste for adventure, and they soon find themselves embarking on a series of wacky escapades together.

Throughout all their misadventures, they continue to review popular entertainment from both their own cultures and each other’s. They offer insightful (and often hilarious) commentary on everything from movies and TV shows to video games and books. Occasionally, they even venture outside of the world of pop culture to offer their thoughts on more serious topics like politics and philosophy.

Interspecies Reviewer is a funny and heartwarming show that celebrates the power of friendship to transcend all barriers. It’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider looking in on mainstream society.

The setting

The setting of Interspecies Reviewer is an alternative version of Japan, in which humans and other species co-exist, and interspecies relationships are not only accepted, but also encouraged. The series follows the adventures of a group of reviewers who rate the sexual performance of various species.


There are several reoccurring themes in InterspeciesReviewer.
abuse, particularly child abuse and sexual abuse, alcohol, as well as blood and gore. Other themes include bestiality, body horror, BDSM, drug addiction, and cannibalism.

The reviews

As of February 2020, Interspecies Reviewer is only available to stream on HIDIVE. The series is not currently licensed for release in North America, so it is not available on any major streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix.

The first two episodes of Interspecies Reviewer were met with positive reception, with particular praise for the show’s humor and art style. Episode 3 was more divisive, with some viewers feeling that the fanservice had become excessive. However, the overall consensus seemed to be that Interspecies Reviewer was a funny and entertaining show.

If you’re looking for a good comedy anime with some lighthearted ecchi moments, then Interspecies Reviewer is definitely worth checking out.

The controversy

Interspecies Reviewer has been the center of much controversy since its release. The show, which features two anthropomorphic animals reviewing various sexual encounters with other animals, has been accused of being pornographic, perverse, and normalizing bestiality.

Critics have also raised concerns about the show’s potential to desensitize viewers to rape and sexual assault, as well as its possible harms to the real-life animal kingdom. Defenders of Interspecies Reviewer argue that the show is harmless fantasy, and that it can be educational in terms of promoting consent and showing the importance of safe sex practices.

Where To Watch Interspecies Reviewer? is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

The ending

The ending of Interspecies Reviewer leaves a lot to be desired. The show simply ends with no real resolution or explanation as to what happened to the main characters. This is a major disappointment for fans of the show who were hoping for more closure.

Interspecies Reviewer – final thoughts

final thoughts on where to watch Interspecies Reviewer. There are a few spoilers ahead, so beware!

If you want to watch Interspecies Reviewer, you have a few options. You can find the entire series streaming on Crunchyroll, or you can watch it on Funimation Now. Alternatively, you can purchase the Blu-ray/DVD release from Funimation.

Personally, I would recommend watching Interspecies Reviewer on Crunchyroll. The series is available in its entirety, and it’s easy to access. Plus, if you have a Crunchyroll subscription, you can watch it for free!

If you’re looking for the best visual experience, then purchasing the Blu-ray/DVD release from Funimation is your best bet. The release includes both the English dub and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, so you can choose your preferred viewing experience. And, of course, the Blu-ray/DVD release also comes with some bonus features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Ultimately, it’s up to you where you watch Interspecies Reviewer. But if you ask me, Crunchyroll is the way to go!

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