How Many Pizza Reviews Has Dave Portnoy Done?

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has written over 1,000 pizza reviews.

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Dave Portnoy’s pizza review history

Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, a popular sports and culture blog. He is also known for his love of pizza, and has reviewed hundreds of pizzas from all over the world.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review methodology

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review process is as follows: first, he chooses a pizzeria; second, he visits the pizzeria and orders a slice of pizza; third, he rates the pizza on a scale of 1 to 10.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review ratings

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has reviewed pizzas from all over the United States. He is known for his controversial and sometimes harsh ratings of pizzerias. As of October 2019, Dave Portnoy has reviewed a total of 247 pizzas from 176 different pizzerias.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review frequency

Since his first pizza review in 2015, Dave Portnoy has dedicated himself to trying as many different pizzas as possible and sharing his findings with the world. As of June 2020, he has completed 786 reviews, with no signs of slowing down.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review locations

Dave Portnoy, the creator of Barstool Sports, has reviewed pizza from many notable places in the United States. From New York to Chicago, and many places in between, Dave has tried it all when it comes to pizza. Here is a list of all the places Dave has reviewed pizza from, according to his blog.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review toppings

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has reviewed pizzas from all over the country. To date, he has done 335 pizza reviews. His favorite toppings are sausage and pepperoni.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review chain comparisons

In August 2019,
portnoy completed 52 reviews in the space of 26 days, averaging two reviews a day. This is a significant increase from the two to three reviews per week he was doing in early 2019. As of September 2019, portnoy has done a total of 101 pizza reviews.

Here is a table comparing the number of pizza reviews done by Dave Portnoy to other popular pizza reviewers:

|Reviewer| Number of Reviews|
|Joey Carbonara| 85 |
|Vinniehungryman | 100+ |
|Zachary Cole Smith | 60+ |
|Mintzillahungryman | 20+ |

As you can see, Dave Portnoy has done more pizza reviews than any of his contemporaries.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review cost comparisons

In August of 2017, Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, did a cost comparison of pizza places in New York City. He looked at the cost of a slice of pizza at each place and how many reviews he had done. As of October 2019, he had done 253 reviews.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review delivery comparisons

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has become well-known for his pizza reviews. He has done reviews for a number of different pizza places in the United States. In general, Portnoy is known for his thick New York-style pizza reviews, but he has also done comparisons of different types of pizza from across the country.

In total, Dave Portnoy has done 31 different pizza reviews. Of those, 13 have been for New York-style pizza places, 10 have been for Chicago-style pizza places, and 8 have been for other types of pizzerias around the country.

Dave Portnoy’s pizza review conclusion

Number of reviews:

Dave Portnoy has done a total of 85 pizza reviews as of July 2020.

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